“In Dreams” A David Lynch Artshow

March 6, 2014

Spoke Art is well known for it’s amazing themed shows. This March they will be hosting an exhibition themed around the work of David Lynch. I am excited to have been asked to be a part of this show and humbled to be included among such an amazing cast of artists. More info about the show itself follows:

Spoke Art is proud to announce our first ever David Lynch- inspired art exhibition, In Dreams. The show features a dynamic range of artwork influenced by the prolific and innovative films of director David Lynch. Comprised of over 50 artists from around the globe, each of the exhibited works evoke the emotional complexities and stylistic ventures of Lynch’s work through a variety of mediums, such as painting, sculptures and limited edition fine art prints.

Often defying the conventions of filmmaking, the films of David Lynch feature all-too-familiar worlds that, beneath their vibrant exteriors, guard unthinkable secrets. From the desolate and disturbing darkness of Eraserhead (1977) to the unspoken evils of a small town in the cult classic TV series Twin Peaks (1990), In Dreams presents a closer look into the unsettling, yet hypnotizing realm of Lynch’s cinematic repertoire

Participating artists include Akira Beard, Alex Kirzhener, Allison Reimold, Audrey, Pongracz, Christine Hostetler, Cuyler Smith, Dave MacDowell, Epyon 5, Jason D’Aquino, Joel Daniel Phillips, Joemur, Johannah O’Donnell, John Wentz, Jonathan Wayshack, Kate Copeland, Kate Zambrano, Kelly Mckernan, Ken Davis, Kukula, Mandy Tsung, Matt Macabre, Meggs, Meghan Stratman, Michael Ramstead, Peter Adamyan, Rich Pellegrino, Rodrigo Cifuentes, Sandi Calistro, Sarah Joncas, Scarecrowoven, Veronica Fish, Zach Tutor, Evan B Harris, Fugscreens Studios, Matt Ritchie, Cuddly Rigor Mortis , Rebecca Rose, Tessa Morrison, Geoff Trapp, Guillaume Morellec, Adam Maida, Bartosz Kosowski, Blunt Graffix, Brian Methe, Chuck Sperry, Clint Wilson, David Moscati, Fernando Reza, Jermaine Rogers, Joshua Budich, Lauren Gregg, Matthew Skiff, Rhys Cooper, Sam Gilbey, Shaun Lynch, Tim Jordan, Mat Weller, Matt Chase, Ruel Pascual

RSVP on Facebook here

And without further ado, I created a piece called “Henry Spencer”. It is a three color screenprint (all metallic), 18×24:


Online sales begin on Monday, March 10 –  so head on over to Spoke Art


Mystery Tube Sale/Take My Stuff

January 24, 2012

It’s been a while since we have done a mystery tube and this time we really wanted to do something special. We would like to offer all of Clint Wilson’s personal collection as a part of this sale. Each tube will contain at lease 1 print from the prints that I have been collecting over the years and 4 more prints from here at clintprints, that’s 5 total in each tube! These tubes will be up on NAKATOMI today at noon and will be $50.

And now the important part, what kind of prints will be included from this personal collection…well take a look:

Here are a few others that will be included in the sale:

A couple different Fairey pieces, including the HOPE print,  Some Aaron Horkey prints, Brad Klausen Tron Alamo poster, Olly Moss test sheets,  some Jad Fair, Luke Cheuh, Daniel Johnston, several David Flores, Evan B. Harris, Buff Monster, Dalek, Jay Ryan, Kevin Tong, Jon Smith, Dan Grzeca, Anville’s Delorean on Foil, Dave Kinsey, some different Jermaine Rogers prints, Michael Sieben, 2 Cent, etc…

…and that is just a sample!

On Sale info from NAKATOMI:


These will go up between NOON and 12:30 CST on the Nakatomi site in the CLINT WILSON section of the store tomorrow (as this is being written), Tuesday the 24th.  We will post a direct link here when it goes live, but the fastest way to find out is onTWITTER. (follow us, dummy!)


You can order as many tubes as you’d like.  If you order more than 1 though, we might not be able to avoid giving you duplicates.  We will do our best, though.

-You can only order one tube PER order. That means if you want 2, you’d have to go through the system and place a new order. Because we only charge shipping once per order, ($8.99 US, $14.99 Canada, $19.99 World) for posters, that’s what it costs us to ship to you. If you ordered 10 tubes and only paid $8.99 shipping, we’d get hosed. So order as many times as you like, but only one tube per order. Hope that was clear.

Nerdlocker interview with Clint Wilson

January 12, 2012

I have had the awesome opportunity of being included in a series of interviews with nerdlocker. The interview came out quite nicely if I do say so myself and the guys over there are amazingly nice. Check out the interview here:


There is also a poster giveaway, so read it all so you don’t miss out on your chance to win a tube of free posters.

Cirque du Soleil and Wes Anderson

January 9, 2012

Today clintprints drops three new posters for sale online at NAKATOMI!

Worked up for Cirque du Soleil’s Chinese themed “Dralion” performance at the Toyota Center in Houston, TX. This piece is a collaboration with the awesome artist Tessa Morrison, is 18×24, 4 colors, limited to 100 prints and is available for purchase on Nakatomi.

Clintprints is also dropping Clint Wilson’s contribution to the Wes Anderson themed art show in San Francisco. These prints are 11×14, 5 colors each and depict the research animals from the film “The Life Aquatic”

To purchase any of the new prints visit NAKATOMI.

New batch of Prints Released on Nakatomi

June 24, 2011

A new batch of my prints have just been released on Nakatomi! not 3, not 4…not even 5 but 6 new prints all at once. And you can nab all of them by following the link to Nakatomiinc.com.

Here is a full list of all the prints that are dropping:

The above two prints are my contributions to the Quentin Vs. Coen Exhibit that was organized by Spoke Art and showed at Bold Hype Gallery in New York City and SpokeArt Gallery in San Francisco. The titles of the prints follow, respectively:

Paterfamilias (based on the coen brother’s “Oh, Brother Where Art Thou”)

Showdown at the House of Blue Leaves (based on Tarantino’s “Kill Bill vol. 1”)

Trekkin’ (above) was my contribution to Poster Cabaret’s bike exhibition this Spring.

Quentin vs. Coen

April 6, 2011

Opening tomorrow, April 7th in New York City at Bold Hype gallery is a show by the title “Quentin vs. Coen.” The show will showcase artists from all around the country. The show is brought to you by Spoke Art, who brought you the Wes Anderson themed show last year called “Bad Dads.”

I am absolutely thrilled to see what all of the artists worked up for the show. I am also just as thrilled, if not more, to be a part of said exhibit. I decided to pick two of my favorite films from each of the directors and interpret them in my own way. I chose Kill Bill and Oh Brother where art thou.

When I began I started to think about all of the influences that those two directors take their material from and tried to trace them back to their most original source and still keep it in the same style. For Kill Bill I chose to create something in the style of a traditional Japanese woodblock print and for Oh Brother I went for a black figure greek vase. There are tons of little symbols to look for in both that have references to scenes or ideas from the movies. Check them out:

You will be able to purchase them at THIS LINK for House of Blue Leaves

and THIS LINK for Paterfamilias.

following is a little more about the show itself:

Spoke Art is proud to present: “Quentin vs. Coen – An art show tribute to the films of Tarantino and the Brothers”, a followup to last year’s highly successful “Bad Dads – a tribute to Wes Anderson.” For “Quentin vs. Coen”, Spoke Art has arranged a battle-royal style art show featuring over 100 world class artists from the new contemporary art scene. Painters, screen printers and digital artists were invited to reinterpret their favorite scenes, characters and films from the heralded directors, resulting in an eclectic showing of inspirational fine art.

The first installment of our “versus” series, “Quentin vs Coen” looks to expand on the concept of a pop-culture themed art show by pitting together two directors who share overlapping or similar stylistic themes, and allowing the viewer to decide their favorites. Though there are many distinct differences between the bodies of work created by both Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers, their crafting of generation-defining soundtracks, the penchant for ubiquitous violence, their casting of the same actors (notably Steve Buscemi), and their ability to constantly create spectacular works of varying genres (everything from Kung-Fu to crime dramas to westerns), have cemented both Quentin and the Coens as some of the most important directors of our generation.

For our upcoming show, Spoke Art has recruited an extensive network of renowned and emerging artists in a spontaneous and free for all art exhibit. No restrictions were placed on content or subject matter, allowing each artist choose their personal favorite scenes, films and characters. With over 100 artists, “Quentin vs. Coen” offers a broad range of affordable prints and also fine art works.

The show opens on Thursday, April 7th at Bold Hype Gallery in New York City and will be on view until Saturday, April 9th. We will be celebrating our opening night with a costume contest and complimentary “Caucasian” cocktails (White Russians).

Following is a list of my colleagues that will be participating in the show:

Painters: Andrew J Spear, Audrey Pongracz, Ben Kehoe, Becky Dreistadt, Brian M. Viveros, Casey Weldon, Chad Hasegawa, Charlie Immer, Christopher Mitchell, Daniel P Williams, Dave Greco, David Choquette, David Rose, Derek Gores, Edith Lebeau, Eric Bonhomme, Evan B Harris, Garry Booth, Gene Guynn, Greg Gossel, Gustavo Ponce, Gwendolyn, Irma Rivera, Jason Levesque, Jesse Riggle, Jing Wei, Johannah O’ Donnell, John Felix Arnold, Kenyon Bajus, Killer Napkins, Lauren Gregg, Lucas Gluesenkamp, Miguel Heredia, Morgan Blair, Munk One, Nimit Malavia, Omar Hauksson, Rafael Santiago, Rich Pellegrino, Roland Tamayo, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Sarah “Sae” Soh, Saul Gonzalez, Scott Scheidly, Shannon Bonatakis, Sherri Cobb, Steve Seeley, Steven Daily, Tatiana Suarez, Tessa Morrison, Tiffany Liu, Tom Haubrick, Tristan Eaton

Screen Printers: Aaron Hartman, Aye Jay, Brandon Schaefer, Brian Methe, Bungaloo, Cassie Podish, Charles Moran, Christina Perry, Clint Wilson, Daniel Williams, Darin Shock, Dave Perillo, Derek Gabryszak, Evanimal, Gigart, Henry Contreras, Ibraheem Youssef, Jacques sym7, Jeff Proctor, Jeremy Berkley, Jessie Phillips, Jim Mazza, Johannah O’Donnell, John Howard, John Perry, Jon Smith, Joshua Budich, Justin Anville, Justin Parpan, Land Land, Lil’ Tuffy, Lloyd Stas, Mark Wesler, Matt Dye, Matt Leunig, Max Dalton, Mike King, Mike Mitchell, Oliver Barrett, Omar Hauksson, Pete McDonough, Rafael Santiago, Reza Rasoli, Rhys Cooper, Roll and Tumble Press, Stefan Fahler, Tim Doyle, Todd Slater, Trey Wadsworth, Zach Landrum