PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls Project

April 23, 2014

My good friends at PangeaSeed are embarking on an awesome project that aims to get artists into the sea and spread awareness of our dying oceans by creating murals. The project is one of PangeaSeed’s biggest yet and I am absolutely exuberant to see this project come to fruition. More info on the project below:


Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans is a ground-breaking street art project created by PangeaSeed to bring the beauty and the plight of the world’s oceans into streets around the globe. By collaborating with internationally renowned artists, we create large-scale murals that focus attention on pressing environmental issues the oceans are facing.

In collaboration with our friends at 1xRUN we are embarking on our biggest Sea Walls project yet. We’ve invited some of today’s biggest names in contemporary street art to join us on our first-ever Sea Walls expedition.

The mission of the expedition is to offer these artists the opportunity to swim with and study endangered whale sharks and oceanic manta rays off the coast of the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico from July 20-28, 2014. Inspired by their interactions with these majestic giants in the wild, the artists will create a series of large-scale public murals on the island to help educate and raise greatly needed awareness within the local and tourist communities for the plight of these animals and the oceans. The murals will also highlight the benefits of ecotourism and long-term sustainability of natural resources.

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans is a new approach to ocean conservation, marrying art and activism. The Sea Walls expedition will make a large impact and gain global media attention – with your help.


Visit their Indiegogo site to contribute to the project and for more info!



February 4, 2013

February is here and with the new month comes a new animal to be revealed from the Clintprints Bestiary.  I’d like you all to meet my good Friend Natalie:

Natalie WEB

Natalie is a Chambered Nautilus. She tends to live a lonely life in the depths of the Indonesian oceans near Bali. Sometimes it can be tough to find friends in the deep oceans and even more difficult to find others that are like you when you are a creature as strange as a nautilus. Turns out that Natalie is also looking for a good home and would love to be framed on your wall. She is house trained and doesn’t require water changes (because she’s made of paper).

Natalie pic1 Natalie Pic2 Natalie Pic3

She can be purchased at Nakatomi in a package containing a 12×12 print, a 5×5 print AND a sticker all for just $20. She is available for purchase now by clicking the following link:


She is also available at Parts and Labour in Austin.


June 30, 2010

Tonight at midnight my new print centered around the vast and varying landscapes of the ocean and it’s diversity of life will go on sale to the public on Nakatomi.

Follow this link to purchase: Clint Wilson, Diversity.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Oceana to help benefit the effort of keeping the fragile ecosystem of reefs and other aquatic habitats safe and also to support their contributions to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The print is an 18×24 6 color screenprint on 100lb Cougar Natural. It will go up for sale for $25 for the normal edition and $100 for a wood edition. The normal edition is limited to 100 prints and only 75 to the public. There are only 7 wood prints and 5 available to the public and they will most likely go extremely fast. Here are some close ups: