January 11, 2013

World, meet Toulouse, Toulouse, the world.

Toulouse WEB

Toulouse is a Sulcata Tortoise hatchling from Nouakchott, Mauritania. Unlike most of his friends he is quite an extrovert and loves making friends.

Clintprints and Nakatomi presents a series of animals throughout the year of 2013 by releasing a new animal into the wild each month. The month of January introduces Toulouse the Tortoise and there will be 11 more animals to follow this year. Each animal will be released in sets of a 12×12 print, a 5×5 print and a sticker. For just $20 you can give Toulouse a brand new home.

Tortoise Pic1 Tortoise Pic3 Tortoise Pic4 Totoise Pic2

These little guys are now available on Nakatomi so head here to grab your set now and keep checking up each month for each new creature: NAKATOMI

They are also available at Parts and Labour in Austin, TX!

…and here’s a quick little peek at next month’s creature to be revealed from the bestiary:

Mystery Animal Natalie


East Austin Studio Tour

November 9, 2012

For all of my Austinite peeps. If you’ve ever done the East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T) then you know how rad it is. Basically every art studio on the East side of Austin opens their doors for visitors and shoppers and offers food, beer and a few handshakes. This year Jacob Borshard, a good friend of mine and fellow Nakatomi artist, has allowed me to house sit for him on the Saturday of EAST and I’ll be sharing space on the walls. If you are in Austin and want to hang out then please come by and say hello. We will have beer and awesome art. I will be at stop number 88. Here is a map for all of the stops:


April 17, 2012

Cursive is one of those bands that continues to make consistently good music. “Domestica” was great, “Ugly Organ” was unbelievably good, “Happy Hollow” did not disappoint, “Mama, I’m Swollen” was even better than the previous album and now I’m amazed by “I am Gemini”. I listen to plenty of bands who have one record that I put into my rotation all the time, but with Cursive every single album they produce makes it into my rotation. That being said, I was honored to get the chance to design a poster to promote their show at the Mohawk in Austin, TX. I made it out to the show and, I must say, they were in top form.

These are available on Nakatomi right now and they only have 20 copies available.

Again, pick them up at NAKATOMI before it’s too late.


Mystery Tube Sale/Take My Stuff

January 24, 2012

It’s been a while since we have done a mystery tube and this time we really wanted to do something special. We would like to offer all of Clint Wilson’s personal collection as a part of this sale. Each tube will contain at lease 1 print from the prints that I have been collecting over the years and 4 more prints from here at clintprints, that’s 5 total in each tube! These tubes will be up on NAKATOMI today at noon and will be $50.

And now the important part, what kind of prints will be included from this personal collection…well take a look:

Here are a few others that will be included in the sale:

A couple different Fairey pieces, including the HOPE print,  Some Aaron Horkey prints, Brad Klausen Tron Alamo poster, Olly Moss test sheets,  some Jad Fair, Luke Cheuh, Daniel Johnston, several David Flores, Evan B. Harris, Buff Monster, Dalek, Jay Ryan, Kevin Tong, Jon Smith, Dan Grzeca, Anville’s Delorean on Foil, Dave Kinsey, some different Jermaine Rogers prints, Michael Sieben, 2 Cent, etc…

…and that is just a sample!

On Sale info from NAKATOMI:


These will go up between NOON and 12:30 CST on the Nakatomi site in the CLINT WILSON section of the store tomorrow (as this is being written), Tuesday the 24th.  We will post a direct link here when it goes live, but the fastest way to find out is onTWITTER. (follow us, dummy!)


You can order as many tubes as you’d like.  If you order more than 1 though, we might not be able to avoid giving you duplicates.  We will do our best, though.

-You can only order one tube PER order. That means if you want 2, you’d have to go through the system and place a new order. Because we only charge shipping once per order, ($8.99 US, $14.99 Canada, $19.99 World) for posters, that’s what it costs us to ship to you. If you ordered 10 tubes and only paid $8.99 shipping, we’d get hosed. So order as many times as you like, but only one tube per order. Hope that was clear.

Nerdlocker interview with Clint Wilson

January 12, 2012

I have had the awesome opportunity of being included in a series of interviews with nerdlocker. The interview came out quite nicely if I do say so myself and the guys over there are amazingly nice. Check out the interview here:


There is also a poster giveaway, so read it all so you don’t miss out on your chance to win a tube of free posters.

Gigposters Vol. 2 Presale

August 23, 2011

This November Random House will be publishing an amazing book including a collection of amazing artists from around the world chock full of interviews with each artists, several of their most well known works and at least one large sized perforated and ready to frame poster from each artists. this book is a must have and Clintprints is honored to be a part of this awesome publication. Preorder the book HERE. Seriously, the list of artists included in this book is amazing. Here is a little info about the book:

Gig Posters Volume 2 showcases bold artistic riffing by a hundred of today’s most talented designers, including David V. D’Andrea, Peter Cardoso, Graham Pilling, Tyler Stout, Marq Spusta, and Nashville’s legendary Hatch Show Print. You’ll peek inside their portfolios and hear the backstage stories of how these incredible art-and-music creations came to be.

You’ll also find 101 perforated and ready-to-frame posters promoting the most dynamic musical acts of the twenty-first century, from the Black Keys, Flight of the Conchords, Ice-T, and My Morning Jacket to Norah Jones, the Avett Brothers, Coheed & Cambria, and many, many more.

Adam Pobiak, Alan Hynes, Alana Bailey, Altieri Art, Ames Bros, Anville, AS Printing Press, Atzgerei, Baker Prints, Blackheard Studios, Ben Wilson, Broken Press, The Bubble Process, The Bungaloo, Chicken Billy, Clint Wilson, Clinton Reno, The Comet Substance, Concepcion Studios, Craig Horky, Craig Updegrove, David V. D’Andrea, Dead Meat, Dirty Donny Gillies, DKNG, Doe Eyed, Doublenaut, Douze Studio Dresden, Dr. Alderete, Droid, Empire Press, Erick Montes, Frida Clements, Ghost-Town Studio, Graham Pilling, Gunsho, The Half and Half, Hatch Show Print, Hyp Inc, Idiot or Genius?, Insurgentarts, Iron Canvas Studios, Iskra Print Collective, Isle of Printing, Ivan Minsloff, James Flames, Jeral Tidwell, Jeremy Wilson, Jim Mazza, Joe Whyte, John Howard, Johnny Sampson, Justin Santora, Kill Hatsumomo Prints, Kunny van der Ploeg, Landland, Madpixel Art and Design, Mara Piccione, Mark McCormick, Mark Sgarbossa, Marq Spusta, Matt Terich, Maximum Flouride Killustration, Mike Saputo, Mike Weihs, Mile 44, Nat Damm, Nerl Says Design, Nick DuPey, Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables, Pfahlert Creative Labs, Punchgut, R. Black, Rich Kelly, Robbie Fuct, Ryan Duggan, Scott Campbell, Scraped Knee Studios, Scrawled Design, Shawn K. Knight, The Silent Giants, Small Horse Studio, Sonnenzimmer, Spike Press, Standard Deluxe Inc, Standard Design, Status Serigraph, Subject Matter Studio, Switchopen Illustrations, T-Bone & Aljax Production and Design, Tim Huesken, Tom Bagley, Traci Edwards, Two Arms Inc, Two Rabbits Studios, Tyler Stout, Uglybogus, Us & Them, Weapons of Mass Design, Weathermaker Press, Will Ruocco

Follow this link to PREORDER and also receive a limited edition print from landland!

New batch of Prints Released on Nakatomi

June 24, 2011

A new batch of my prints have just been released on Nakatomi! not 3, not 4…not even 5 but 6 new prints all at once. And you can nab all of them by following the link to

Here is a full list of all the prints that are dropping:

The above two prints are my contributions to the Quentin Vs. Coen Exhibit that was organized by Spoke Art and showed at Bold Hype Gallery in New York City and SpokeArt Gallery in San Francisco. The titles of the prints follow, respectively:

Paterfamilias (based on the coen brother’s “Oh, Brother Where Art Thou”)

Showdown at the House of Blue Leaves (based on Tarantino’s “Kill Bill vol. 1”)

Trekkin’ (above) was my contribution to Poster Cabaret’s bike exhibition this Spring.