April 17, 2012

Cursive is one of those bands that continues to make consistently¬†good music. “Domestica”¬†was great, “Ugly Organ” was unbelievably good, “Happy Hollow” did not disappoint, “Mama, I’m Swollen” was even better than the previous album and now I’m amazed by “I am Gemini”. I listen to plenty of bands who have one record that I put into my rotation all the time, but with Cursive every single album they produce makes it into my rotation. That being said, I was honored to get the chance to design a poster to promote their show at the Mohawk in Austin, TX. I made it out to the show and, I must say, they were in top form.

These are available on Nakatomi right now and they only have 20 copies available.

Again, pick them up at NAKATOMI before it’s too late.