Keiko the Koi

Welcome to the month of June. We are now a little further than half way through the month and my friend Keiko is just dying to meet you. So without further ado, meet Keiko the Koi:

Keiko WEB

Keiko is actually a Ryukin goldfish. She lives in Japan where she has been adopted by families of Koi. The Japanese tea gardens offer Keiko a plush life with plenty of food and good company. She often wonders what life would be like in the oceans. Someday maybe she will meet a special someone from the ocean to tell her all about it.

IMG_2440 IMG_2441


Keiko will be available at NAKATOMI in the usual sets of a 12×12 print, a 5×5 print and a sticker all in one nice package!

She will also be available at Parts and Labour in Austin, TX!

To get you hands on the set for only $20 just head on over to NAKATOMI and grab one.


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