World, meet Toulouse, Toulouse, the world.

Toulouse WEB

Toulouse is a Sulcata Tortoise hatchling from Nouakchott, Mauritania. Unlike most of his friends he is quite an extrovert and loves making friends.

Clintprints and Nakatomi presents a series of animals throughout the year of 2013 by releasing a new animal into the wild each month. The month of January introduces Toulouse the Tortoise and there will be 11 more animals to follow this year. Each animal will be released in sets of a 12×12 print, a 5×5 print and a sticker. For just $20 you can give Toulouse a brand new home.

Tortoise Pic1 Tortoise Pic3 Tortoise Pic4 Totoise Pic2

These little guys are now available on Nakatomi so head here to grab your set now and keep checking up each month for each new creature: NAKATOMI

They are also available at Parts and Labour in Austin, TX!

…and here’s a quick little peek at next month’s creature to be revealed from the bestiary:

Mystery Animal Natalie


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