Flatstock 34, Barcelona

Clintprints is headed to Spain this summer! American Poster Institute and Primavera Sound present Flatstock 34 in Barcelona, Spain. I will be there in person hocking my goods. Here is a little more information on the event:

The above print is 4 colors 18×24 and will be available for free to anyone who purchases prints at my booth at the event.

The touring show of concert posters Flatstock will visit Barcelona for the San Miguel Primavera Sound. This unusual exhibition will take place on the Parc del Fòrum site and will be the biggest exhibition of this type to visit Europe. From the 31st May until the 2nd June, the festival’s public will be able to see and buy the work of more than 30 artists from the following countries:

  • Germany: The Red Company, Douze, Grace Helly Graphics, Damien Tran, Mitchum D.A. and Slowboy
  • Austria:  Michael Hacker
  • USA: Tiny Media Empire, Justin Santora, Fugscreens Studios, The Decoder Ring, Crosshair, Vooddo Catbox, Monkey Ink, Clintprints, GUYBURWELL, Casey Burns, Lil Tuffy, Shawn K. Knight, Boss Construction, Penhead and Weathermaker Press
  • Holland: The Impossible Machine, Kunny Van Der Ploeg and Zeloot
  • Italy: Clockwork Pictures
  • United Kingdom: Sean Mort, Horse. Luke Drozd, Adam Pobiak, Michael Cowell, Army of Cats and Brag
  • Switzerland: Comet Substance

The fair will be complemented by a free exhibition called “Flatstck: The world of Music Posters” form the 15th of May until the 3rd of June in the Virreina Centre de la Imatge, where a selection of 50 works chosen by Flatstock as well as some posters by renowned Catalan artists will be on show. The exhibition will form part of the San Miguel Primavera a la Ciutat activities, an initiative that aims to spread the spirit of the festival to every corner of Barcelona.

Flatstock is a project of API (American Poster Institute) that unites music and the visual art. This non-profit organisation is dedicated to promoting music posters and, since its beginnings in San Francisco a decade ago, has not stopped growing .

For more info on the Primavera festival check out this link: http://www.sanmiguelprimaverasound.es/index?lang=en

Before the festival begins The Poster Collective will be presenting a gallery show of all of the artists involved in the Primavera Sound Flatstock.

Photos/videos will be posted here on Clintprints.com after the trip so stay tuned!


One Response to Flatstock 34, Barcelona

  1. Holly Wilson says:

    Love the poster! Be careful on your trip.

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