In the Garage

Today, April 20th 2012 Blank Space Gallery opens its doors to the public with a gallery jam-packed with amazing geek culture limited edition prints and artwork created by some of the most amazing artists working in this day and age. I was in love with the idea and was asked to contribute. Seeing how I am a huge nerd and all I was delighted to work up something for it.

For those of you that play video games you might recognize the references in my piece. It is called “Mog Moog”


In case you are wondering, each knob on the moog represents different characters, systems, RPG elements and other miscellaneous wonders to be found in the realms of Final Fantasy. Here’s a couple of close ups for your nerdy pleasure:

These will be available at the show and later online at Blank Space Gallery’s web site and are limited to 100 prints. There will be a small amount available in the future at Nakatomi. It is a 6 color screenprint on French Speckletone True White paper.

Here is some more info on the show:

In The Garage: Art Celebrating Geek Culture opens Friday at Blank Space Gallery in Connecticut. Inspired by Weezer’s Blue Album staple “In The Garage” which shares a lot of theme’s with The Beach Boy’s “In My Room” is about the places we went as children and young adults where we felt safe, from the Mushroom Kingdom, the Garage Band, to fighting in the Ring against Bald Bull.  It harkens back to a simpler time in our lives when the most pressing issue was getting home from school to save the Princess, or covering three chord punk songs in the basement with friends.  It’s the common shared pasts we’ve all had being  “geeks.” Finding within our own memories the idea that though we might have been playing Nintendo by ourselves, we were hardly alone.

Just 2 Blocks From the Milford, CT Metro-North Station.


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