Pangea Seed and Sink or Swim Art Exchibit 2011 in Tokyo, Japan.

This year Pangea Seed will be hosting it’s 3rd annual art exhibit in Tokyo, Japan. This years show is titled “Sink or Swim”. I really believe in this cause and will be honored to be able to contribute a limited edition screenprinted poster for this exhibit. Not only will proceeds go towards saving sharks but also to aid animals effected by the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami. I will have a post in the near future about my print but for now, here is some important information about Pangea Seed and their cause:

In the spirit of ocean conservation, PangeaSeed is pleased to announce their 3rd annual art exhibition, Sink or Swim. Over thirty visual artists from Japan and around the globe will address one the biggest threats facing the health of world’s oceans today – the rapid, mass-depletion of sharks. Science estimates global fish stocks will be in full collapse by 2048 if current consumption & destructive fishing practices continue. But what’s even more shocking is that the majority of the oceans shark species could be extinct within the next 10-20 years.

Each minute that passes, close to 200 sharks are killed, adding up to around 80 million deaths each year. A majority of these sharks are killed only for their fins to satisfy an unsustainable appetite for shark fin soup. In the cruel practice known as finning, the shark is hooked and bought aboard the boat. Its fins are then cut off, and the still alive, but limbless, animal is tossed back into the sea. With no instruments to move, the helpless shark sinks to the ocean floor and eventually drowns.

Sink or Swim is not only a reference to this cruel practice, but also a reference to our relationship with the oceans as a whole. As human activity is causing sea levels to rise, coral reefs to die, and fish stocks to rapidly disappear, we are quickly realizing that we must change course if we want our children and future generations to experience the sea as we have. We are living at a crucial time in terms of sustaining the oceans. We may sink and fail, or we may find a way to succeed and swim.

Love them or fear them, sharks are essential if we are going to keep the oceans as the sustainable resource they should be. Older than the dinosaurs, for over 400 million years sharks have shaped and balanced the oceans. Since sharks are at the top of the food chain as an apex predator they play a vital role in ways average fish do not. In virtually every part of the ocean, sharks keep fish populations healthy and in proper balance. Already, in areas where sharks have been over-fished we are

seeing obvious change for the worse. Imagine the consequences for the oceans, and the people who depend on them for survival, once such an important animal is destroyed forever.

Located in central Tokyo’s ‘M’ Gallery, Sink or Swim will pay homage to this most important of beautiful creatures and critique its demise. This show aims to offer viewers new perspectives on this widely misunderstood and demonized animal. Sink or swim will run from July 16th till the 22nd, with a reception party on Japan Oceans Day (July 18th).

In addition to raising funds to keep sharks afloat both in Japan and around the world, PangeaSeed will donate 50% of all proceeds to help aid animals affected by the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan.


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