Subcon Icon and Triforce Earring Tunic versions

The next entry for the ReNESsance series is finally here. I decided to go with the classic “Mona Lisa” painting mixed in with a little Super Mario. I know I’m not the only one that always picks the princess when playing Mario 2…I mean, seriously…she can float…float, says I. Without further ado. Here is the print I call “Subcon Icon”:

It is an easily framable 18×24, 6 color limited edition screenprint, only 75 available  at $25 each.

Also being released is a new size for the “Girl with the Triforce Earring” print. It is 18×24 and comes in a “Kokiri Tunic” version which is limited to 50 prints and a “Zora’s Tunic” and “Goron’s Tunic” edition both limited to only 15 prints.  So get out your Ocarina and relive your childhood by traveling back and in time with these little guys:

Kokiri Tunic version

from left to right: Goron’s Tunic, Zora’s Tunic and Kokiri Tunic versions.

These are available right now at: Nakatomi.

Head there now and grab them. If you order before noon on the 20 of December they will ship out before the holiday’s.


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