Flatstock 24 Recap

So Flatstock 24 in Austin, TX was a success and I had a load of fun hanging out with some old friends and meeting some new ones. I did lots of trading and picked up some really rad posters from Cricket Press and Crosshair. here are some photos documenting the experience:

Hanging out at my booth with Val Kilmer. He walked away with a couple of my posters, including my Green Day poster and my gold variant of “The Girl with the Triforce Earring”. He had his son with him and was showing me pictures of his son’s artwork on his iPhone. Both cool dudes in my book.

My booth and boothmate.

Kevin Tong reaches for his weapon.

The Nakatomi Booth killed at Flatstock 24.

The famous Luke Drozd.

The Flatstock crew partied at Frank this year. If you have not tried Frank you have not tried life. Amazing hot dogs, beer, wurst, desserts and really good service.

and for your pleasure Mr. Kevin Tong made a really awesome video of the whole flatstock experience on speed. Check it out and then check out his website for more awesome videos:


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