IdN Magazine Interview

You may not know it but I’m a celebrity in China, they have shrines made in my  likeness over there. In reality world, however, I was contacted by this magazine based out of Hong Kong that releases issues all over the globe and covers artists around the world. I was honored to have a full two page spread in the magazine for my interview and I also got a quick video on the DVD, which is inserted into every magazine. Check it out, I’m stoked:

The magazine is printed on several different stocks of paper and with many different inks, making each issue not only about art, but actually a work of art itself. Check out a preview of my page right here:

IdN – Clint Wilson

I was featured along with some other great poster artists including Mad Pakyderms, Ghost-Town Studio, Methane Studios and Vahalla Studios. Here is the full feature for your pleasure:

Off the Wall

Most designers name music as their main inspiration and the art that holds most appeal for them outside what they do for a living. So for many, designing gig posters for their favourite bands and musicians would be a dream job. And with concert tours proliferating as album sales slump, there is plenty of work to go round for those with the requisite talent and passion. We talk to five of the best in the business and publish examples of the poster art they are proudest of.

IdN v16n5: Editorial Design Issue p64-65

IdN v16n5: Editorial Design Issue p70-71


One Response to IdN Magazine Interview

  1. Tim Doyle says:

    We need to move to China.

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