E.A.S.T. Coverage Part 2

One last weekend left of the East Austin Studio Tour. There is way too much amazing stuff to possibly mention so I’ll give the skinny from my perspective. I hung out with my good friend Bernadette and checked out a few stops and everyone of them was very different from the last but all were completely awesome.

Jim Sipowicz

Shell Media Inc.

I had a long conversation with Jim about his art. It is incredibly fascinating to see the things that he has done. His photographs are rich in detail and in subject matter. He told me stories from each of the photos I held and it really made me want to travel to Africa to see these things first hand. Jim is not only an incredible photographer but he also struck me for an amazing person that cares about helping humanity. Check out his stuff on Shell Media.com

Decoder Ring

I absolutely love the location, the Bamboo and the outdoor garden in the back make for, what appears to be, a soothing work environment…plus they had a keg that I could mooch off. The Decoder Ring has been doing amazing work since before Jesus was born and Geoff has amazingly tasty weiners.

Pump Project

Pump Project was a huge conglomerate of artists. Lots of amazing stuff to see here. My math isn’t fantastic but I think there were 17 or so artists studios packed into this place.

Satch Grimley

We checked out my friend Satch’s place and they had warm chili ready and it was quite delicious. The art was great too. Jaime Cervantes was also there showing his stuff and he does great work.

Robot Drummer

For those of you that don’t know, I play the drums. That being the case, I was totally fascinated by this. The keyboard was hooked to the robotic drums and you could just hit a key, much like a standard midi keyboard set to percussion, only instead of playing a synth sound a robotic arm hits a real acoustic drum kit. Pretty amazing stuff.

Well, that pretty much sums up my E.A.S.T. experience. It’s always a great time and I’m already getting amped up for next year.


One Response to E.A.S.T. Coverage Part 2

  1. Ben Swift says:

    YES that was amazing! thanks for sharing.

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