East Austin Studio Tour Coverage

There is so much going on during E.A.S.T. that it is impossible to see everything. I got to hang out and see a lot of things. The Decoder Ring dudes were rad as usual. Super Alright! was indeed “Super Alright”. Billy Bishop over at Obsolete had some great work up and the shop is looking amazing.

I got to catch up with a lot of old friends and made lots of new friends, all while riding around on rickety yellow bikes…and it was awesome! I got just a few pics of some of the many places I got to check out.

Obey Mural by Shepard Fairey located just outside of Industry Screenprint.

#2 on the stop was great. Saw this cool sign and trailer and stopped right in.

Monique Capanelli Articulture Designs. I was blown away by this stuff, amazing!

Super Alright!

All Great stuff. Too much to possibly put on these pages. I also got to check out my friend Jessie Strub’s work at Progress Coffee. I’m hoping to make it out next weekend as well…and you should too.


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